What are the floral scent types of air fresheners?

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Floral scents can vary widely, as there are numerous types of flowers with distinct aromas. Here are some popular floral scent types commonly used in perfumes and air fresheners:

  1. Rose: The scent of roses is classic and widely recognized. It can range from soft and delicate to rich and velvety, with a sweet and romantic undertone.

  2. Jasmine: Jasmine has a heady, sweet, and slightly musky scent. It is often associated with sensuality and is known for its intoxicating fragrance.

  3. Lavender: Lavender has a soothing and calming scent with herbal notes. It is often used for relaxation and stress relief, and its fragrance is fresh, floral, and slightly woody.

  4. Lily of the Valley: This delicate flower has a clean and fresh scent with green and floral notes. It evokes a sense of springtime and is often used to create light and airy fragrances.

  5. Gardenia: Gardenia has a rich, creamy, and opulent scent. It is known for its strong and exotic fragrance, often described as heady, floral, and slightly sweet.

  6. Lilac: Lilac has a distinct and nostalgic scent that is sweet, floral, and slightly powdery. It is associated with spring and is often used to create a light and romantic atmosphere.

  7. Peony: Peony has a fresh, floral scent with hints of rose and citrus. Its fragrance is often described as feminine, elegant, and slightly spicy.

  8. Orchid: Orchids can have a variety of scents depending on the species. Some orchids have a light and delicate floral fragrance, while others have a stronger and more exotic scent with hints of vanilla or spice.

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