My Shaldan Air Freshener Peach - 12 Pack Case
My Shaldan

My Shaldan Air Freshener Peach - 12 Pack Case

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The My Shaldan Air Freshener Peach Canister product is one of the oldest air freshener products in the market. The product is gel base and works great in cars and home. These products have a natural fragrance scent and last up to 8 weeks. Once you open this product you will smell the aroma coming from the car air freshener. These products are conveniently fit in your cup holders in your car just like a soda can. This product is great for car washes and retail car auto shops.
Fragrance Scent:
  • This product is Designed and Formulated By
  • S.T. Corporation in Japan
  • VOC Regulation 
  • Last up to 30-40 days
  • 80g (2.82oz)

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