Treefrog Diffren Vent Marine Squash Air Freshener 20 pack case

Treefrog Diffren Vent Marine Squash Air Freshener 20 pack case

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The Treefrog Diffren Vent Marine Squash Air Freshener product is great vent liquid air freshener that can be connected to your car air condition vent. The product has air flow control and settings that gives the customers a product that can last depending on usage. Normal usage is usually appropriately 30-45 days which the scent for this air freshener can last longer depending on how the air flow feature is open or closed. Product comes with instructions and stainless clip to insert the product onto your car vent. Additionally, make of the high quality liquid ingredients for long lasting scent. This product makes a great car air freshener that will give your car dash area near your vents a good scent and styling. This air freshener is good for people that are running car washes, taxi uber drivers and auto shops. 
Fragrance Scent:
This product is Designed and Formulated By
- Good for cars and buses
- High quality
-Can control fragrance strength with adjustable air flow feature
- Air clip vent style
-Last up to 45 days

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