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Treefrog Fresh Box Air Freshener Melon - Pack 48
Treefrog Fresh Box Air Freshener Melon - Pack 48
Treefrog Fresh Box Air Freshener Melon - Pack 48

Treefrog Fresh Box Air Freshener Melon - Pack 48

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The Treefrog Fresh Box Melon Squash Air Fresheners product is one of the best car freshener on the market and ideal for placement under the seat in your car. These products are made of high quality gel natural a fragrance that helps with deodorizes all scents from restrooms, smoke, dogs and cars. Most people consider these for the best auto air freshener when you are looking for a product that last up to 60 days. You will enjoy the scent smell of having a good air freshener that will live up to your expectations. Great for sell at car washes, auto dealers, office cleaning companies and taxi drivers.

Melon Fragrance Scent Description: melon air freshener is reminiscent of the sweet, juicy aroma of ripe melons, such as honeydew, cantaloupe, or watermelon. It captures the essence of freshly cut melon, with its refreshing and fruity fragrance. Imagine the succulent sweetness of a perfectly ripened melon, combined with subtle floral undertones that add depth and complexity to the aroma. The scent is often vibrant and invigorating, evoking images of summertime picnics and tropical paradises.
This product is Designed and Formulated By
- Good for home, office, car, and restrooms
- Last 60 days
- 200g (7.06 oz)
-Capability of absorbs odors and keeps the air fresh.

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