Treefrog Fresh Box Classic Assorted 144 pack master carton

Treefrog Fresh Box Classic Assorted 144 pack master carton

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The Treefrog fresh box classic assorted air freshener in bundle package quantity 144 pieces available for purchase.

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The Treefrog Fresh Box Classic Assorted Air Freshener is a premium product that is great for customers wanting to have a smaller product that fits on the dashboard, pockets and under the seat of your car. This product is comparable to the Air Spencer CS-X3 product line up air fresheners when it comes to the fragrances. These air fresheners on the packaging include a scratch and sniff which is great selling point at retail stores to customers. The high quality scents are the best part of this air freshener and made of gel for a longer lasting. These products most people put these in a safe area such as dash board and etc. This air freshener is good for people that are running car washes, taxi uber drivers and auto shops.
Fragrance Scent:
This product is Designed and Formulated By
- Good for car and small areas
- 18g (0.63oz)
-High quality natural fragrances 
Comes 4 of the following cases of 6
Cherry Squash
Classic Squash
Clean Squash
Ocean Squash

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