Black Squash Fresh Box XL
Treefrog Fresh Box XL Air Freshener Black Squash

Treefrog Fresh Box XL Air Freshener Black Squash

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TREEFROG FRESH BOX XL NATURAL AIR FRESHENER -Treefrog Fresh Box XL - a full-size natural air fresheners with net content of 400g (14.11 oz), enough to freshen any size car or a full-size SUV, boat, or even a small room!

Treefrog fresheners black squash are highly popular for their sweet and refreshing scents containing an effective natural green essence which can purify and deodorize the air, relieve pressure and ultimately create a pleasant driving environment. These long lasting, jumbo size air fresheners measure approximately 5" x 5" x 2" and weigh in almost near 1 pound(14.11 oz). Ideal for underneath the seat of your car. Emits a refreshing Squash fragrance that everyone is sure to love! Net content 500ml. 100% genuine Treefrog product available in Black, Blue and Green Squash scent. Designed and formulated by Sakura Aromas Japan.

Quantity: 24 Pack 

Meets current V.O.C. regulations.

Designed and Formulated By
Japan Quality Products

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